Assignment Overview

To complete this assignment students will follow along with the PowerPoint lesson from this class.

Students are required to submit an accessible PDF document that flows from their Story 4 written assignment.

HINT: Make sure your Word document is fully accessible – see comments from the assignment dropbox.

Your accessible PDF document, must have the following components:

  1. Story 4 Written Assignment begins as a fully accessible Word document
  2. Includes Headlines (Titles & Headings) – including one Heading 1, several Heading 2s, a couple of Heading 3s.
  3. Includes 2 photos embedded throughout the document (not at the beginning or the end)
  4. Ensure all Word accessibility features have been met (metadata, accessibility checker, human intervention)
  5. Create a PDF from the Word File
  6. Run the PDF through the accessibility checker in Adobe Acrobat
  7. Correct any errors and / or warnings
  8. Submit your accessible PDF file to Module 8 Dropbox