Assignment Overview

To complete this assignment students will follow along with the lesson (opens PDF, 3mb) from class.

Students are required to submit an accessible Word document of their interview video assignment transcript.

You must have the following components in your document: 

  1. Transcript from your interview video assignment
  2. Edited word styles using sans serif font
  3. Proper use of headings with one Heading 1 and several Heading 2s
  4. Image of your interviewee, and other images as needed

Please run the final word document through the Accessible Word checker and then submit it to the dropbox.

Create journalism content using Universal Design which will be accessible in all formats including digital audio, video, and print media, and web content. Articulate the disability perspective through integrated learning opportunities applicable to the field of journalism. Identify the principles and practices of pertinent legislation and standard Web guidelines. Demonstrate the appropriate professionalism.

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