Captioning Homework Assignment

View the Captioning Homework Assignment (downloads document, 250kb).

In this module, you’ll be working with the YouTube Caption editor. You’ll select your video, and upload it to YouTube. Then you’ll learn the basics for working with the built-in caption editor. The resulting captioned video will be shared with your instructor.

Interview Video – Closed Captioning

Assignment Overview

Although mandated by the AODA, closed captioning of videos is a smart way to go. Videos that are closed captioned generate a transcript – unlike videos that are not searchable, this transcript now becomes a searchable document, thus increasing traffic flow to the video content. Increased traffic flow, increases search results and allows a journalist to report on recorded events, lift direct quotes, and ensure correct spelling of proper names.

For this assignment students will be using their Interview Video, previously uploaded to YouTube, and working with the YouTube Caption Editor.

Closed Captioning your Interview Video Specifics:

Students will be required to caption their full Interview Video using the YouTube Caption Editor. For helpful tips, support and information on how to use the YouTube Caption Editor, please refer to Captioning Homework Assignment (downloads document, 250kb).