Learning & Intellectual Disabilities Discussion

In the Learning & Intellectual Disabilities Online Module (opens new window), students were introduced to two very different invisible disabilities. Students had many opportunities to experience simulations of what it is like to have a learning disability as well as meet a vibrant young woman who is excelling in college because of her hard work and use of academic accommodations that support her learning disability. Students also got to meet a Mohawk College Alumni from the CICE program.

Students are asked to read / listen / watch at least one of the following (which can be found in the module):

  1. Matthew Williams: Special Olympics let me be myself – a champion
  2. John Lennon mocking disabled people causes a stir
  3. To the CNN writer who referred to Down Syndrome as a ‘Disease’
  4. Dyslexic employee wins discrimination case against Starbucks
  5. VIDEO: Khan-do attitude makes him a Mohawk marvel

Students are then asked to answer the following discussion post, utilizing the resource(s) they reviewed above, the module information, class material and their own experiences to support their answers:

Unlike the other disability modules you have completed; Physical / Mobility / Communication, Blind / Low Vision, and Deaf / Hard of Hearing, this module focused on disabilities that were invisible – and yet ones with the greatest stigma and most misunderstood. Although very different diagnoses, both disabilities have a high number of co-occurring diagnosis with mental health, including anxiety and depression. How has exposure to these populations changed or altered your opinion of these invisible disabilities?

Students are required to submit their discussion to the discussion board, the discussion may be a response to a classmates post. The discussion post can be presented as a written, video or audio response. Although there is no word minimum or maximum, students are expected to present their view point in approximately 200-300 words.