In the Physical/Mobility/Communication Module (opens new window) students are introduced to Vic Valentic, a Mohawk College Alumni who uses a communication device to speak and a mobility device to get around. Students also watched a TED Talk by Stella Young, where she discusses her view points on individuals with disabilities being “Inspiration Porn” and how she subscribes to the Social Model of Disability.

Students are asked to read / listen / watch at least one of the following (which can be found in the module):

  1. Roger Ebert: Remaking my voice
  2. Podcast: Would you ditch your disability given the chance?
  3. 10 people discuss life with disability and illness
  4. Disability advocacy group runs ad slamming Hollywood for using the R-word
  5. Aimee Mullins: The opportunity in adversity

Students are then asked to answer the following discussion post, utilizing the resource(s) they reviewed above, the module information, class material and their own experiences to support their answers:

The Social Model of Disability states that disability is caused by the way society is organized, rather than by an individual’s disability or difference. How can implementing the AODA standards create an inclusive environment for individuals with physical and/or communication disabilities? What changes would you like to see be made based on your readings – make sure to include not only physical changes but attitudinal changes as well.

Students are required to submit their discussion to the discussion board, the discussion may be a response to a classmates post. The discussion post can be presented as a written, video or audio response. Although there is no word minimum or maximum, students are expected to present their view point in approximately 200-300 words.