Complete the Module 7: DOCUMENT ACCESSIBILITY – Word checklist to make sure you’ve completed all of the required and additional / optional tasks.

Before Class

  1. Required Readings
    The required readings for Module 7: DOCUMENT ACCESSIBILITY – Word provides students with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind’s (CNIB) Clear Print Accessibility Guidelines to support writing that is easy on the eyes. As well as AccessAbility, a practical handbook on accessible graphic design. Students are required to read pages 4-10 in the AccessAbility handbook and all of the CNIB’s Clear Print Accessibility Guidelines BEFORE coming to class.
  2. Additional Readings
    The additional readings or optional resources are provided to support further learning and understanding around creating accessible documents. These resources support Word documents, but also all other documents you will be creating, including: PDF, InDesign and WordPress. These readings are not required of you; however they will benefit your understanding of the content being discussed in class.
  3. Required Watching
    The required watching video provides students with the following:

    Both of these videos are to be watched BEFORE you attend class as they will support your understanding of accessibility and how to create accessible documents.

  4. Additional Watching
    These videos are not required to be watched; however if you are interested in creating accessible Excel and PowerPoint documents these video tutorials will help. We will not be reviewing these in class.

  5. Attend
    Each week the PowerPoint being presented in class will be provided in advance for your consideration and support your note taking efforts. The PowerPoint does not provide all of the information, notes will be required of each student. Participation in class activities will support learning and understanding, please make sure you attend all classes.

After Class

  1. Task 6
    Time in class will be given to complete your Document Accessibility: WORD assignment, however if you did not complete it in class please make sure you complete it by the due date.