Complete the Module 6: Video Captioning checklist to make sure you’ve completed all of the required and additional/optional tasks.

Before Class

  1. Required Readings
    The required readings for Module 6 look at the artificial intelligence transcribing speech and quality captioning guidelines. These required readings should be read BEFORE class.
  2. Additional Readings
    The additional or optional readings are provided to support further learning on creating accurate captioning. In addition, described captioning practices (for blind / low vision) has also been provided for your information. These readings are not required of you; however they may help your participation in class, as well as your research for interviews or content development.
  3. Required Watching
    These videos will support your knowledge in using both InqScribe and MovieCaptioner software. These required videos should be watched BEFORE class.
  4. Optional Watching
    These videos are not required for class, but are an excellent resources when using InqScribe to caption your videos, or are deaf / hard-of-hearing and required a signed video.
  5. Attend
    Each week the PowerPoint being presented in class will be provided in advance for your consideration and support your note taking efforts. The PowerPoint does not provide all of the information, notes will be required of each student. Participation in class activities will support learning and understanding, please make sure you attend all classes.

After Class

  1. Video Captioning
    Complete the Homework Assignment – Using the YouTube Caption Editor. Using the video created from your interview with a member of the disability community, you will upload your video to YouTube and then use the YouTube Caption editor to caption the video. The resulting captioned video will be shared with your instructor.