Complete the Module 5: Accessible Meetings & Events checklist to make sure you’ve completed all of the required and additional/optional tasks.

Before Class

  1. Required Readings
    The required readings for Module 5 will provide you with resources and information to ensure your interviews and future meetings / events will be accessible for all participants. These readings also include accessible checklists. These required reading should be read BEFORE class and BEFORE you conduct your interviews.
  2. Additional Readings
    There are no additional readings for this module.
  3. Required Watching
    The video for Module 5 should be reviewed BEFORE class.
  4. Optional Watching
    There are no optional videos for this week; however there are videos to watch in this week’s online Module: Learning & Intellectual Disabilities.
  5. Attend
    Each week the PowerPoint being presented in class will be provided in advance for your consideration and support your note taking efforts. The PowerPoint does not provide all the information, notes will be required of each student. Participation in class activities will support learning and understanding, please make sure you attend all classes. This week’s module was adapted from the OMSSA: Guide to Conducting Accessible Meetings – review this guide for more information.

After Class

  1. Module: Learning & Intellectual Disabilities
    Complete the Module: Learning & Intellectual Disabilities. This online module will give you a more in depth understanding of these disability sub-types. Students are responsible for completing the module, taking and completing the quiz and participating in one of the group discussions. The QUIZ and the DISCUSSIONS will be graded.
  2. Interview Video Assignment
    Before the next class, October 14, 2016 – Students are required to have their Video Interview Assignment completed and submitted to the dropbox. This assignment has 3 parts:

    • Preparation Post (submitted before video is completed to receive feedback)
    • Video Interview
    • Reflection Post (submitted after video is completed for reflection)