Complete the Module 3: Alternative Communication checklist to make sure you’ve completed all of the required and additional/optional tasks.

Before Class

  1. Required Readings
    The required readings for Module 3 discuss how and why we make our communication available to all individuals. These required readings should be read BEFORE class.
  2. Additional Readings
    The additional or optional readings are provided to support further learning on making content accessible to all individuals and individuals who are deaf / hard of hearing. These readings are not required of you; however they may help your participation in class, as well as your research for interviews or content development.
  3. Required Watching
    The videos for Module 3 will be shown in class if time allows, however to come prepared or if not shown in class, please make sure you watch these videos.
  4. Optional Watching
    There are no optional videos for this week; however there are videos to watch in this week’s online Module: Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing.
  5. Attend
    Each week the PowerPoint being presented in class will be provided in advance for your consideration and support your note taking efforts. The PowerPoint does not provide all of the information, notes will be required of each student. Participation in class activities will support learning and understanding, please make sure you attend all classes. This week we will be introducing the Interview Video Assignment.

After Class

  1. Module: Deaf/Hard of Hearing
    Complete the Module: Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing. This online module will give you a more in depth understanding of these disability sub-types. Students are responsible for completing the module, taking and completing the quiz and participating in one of the group discussions. The QUIZ and the DISCUSSIONS will be graded.